Sunday, February 12, 2012

A GRAND Getaway!

Yesterday morning we got a call from my Dad, telling us they had an extra room at the Grand America Hotel in downtown, SLC! We were thrilled to take the room, we didn't want them stuck with an empty room...even though we were at working til close. We closed up the store as quickly as possible, rocking it, out by 10:25... our last customers didn't leave til almost 10:15.

We got to the Grand America around 11, and found this in our room....

YES... That is a piano made out of chocolate! You do not get much better than that, except for maybe our late night room service, chicken wings and french fries at a 5 star hotel, we are crazy.

Our room was beautiful! I was a much needed quick getaway!

We had room service again for breakfast, the orange juice was HEAVENLY! and mmmmmm waffles,fresh fruit and crepes! Plus this beautiful view of city hall with all the rain!

18th floor!


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